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Eye of Eva

Dear friends and visitors of our gallery,

After much hesitation and waiting for the news to arrive, we decided to move the EYE EVE opening to 5. June 2021, of course at 2 p.m. . However, the exhibition will be installed and accessible from May 23, 2021.

We are diligently preparing and we are very much looking forward not only to the creations of Eva’s friends, cuttings and wreaths, but also to Jana Koubková, who should sing for us on the theme of the exhibited statues of Eva during a walk through the garden.

Jana Koubková will come to sing the statues for us. Ondra Kabrna will play the accordion.

For the Štěpánka Bašková Gallery, Eva Roučka and Jan Svatoš Jr.

Publikováno: 13.06.2022