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Game in Garden (zaHRAda)

Dear friends,
this year, too, the weather really wished us during our meeting in the gallery at the opening on May 12, 2018.
I am very happy that I was able to welcome a painter, sculptor, potter, a native of Kostelec with deep family church roots, Mr. Zdenek Hůla. We were happy to celebrate his 70th birthday with him and he left us and throughout the summer he still gives us an insight into his current and past work. There are two beautiful statues in the garden, actually levitating stones. Unusual connection of granite and glass.

Various playful artifacts await you in the upper gallery and especially in the garden. Can you even remember how long you haven’t played balls or jumped a shot?

Thirty playful artists have prepared such and similar goodies for you:

Štěpánka Bašková, Stanislav Čermák, Hana Čermáková, Marek Dias, Alžbieta Grosseová, Zbyšek Hrubý, Zdenek Hůla, Eva Jandíková, Jitka Jelínková, Daniela Kosová, Ludmila Kovaříková, Jiří Lašťovička, Helena Loudová, Magdalena Monhartová, Miroslav Oliva, Naděžda Potůčková, Šárka Radová , Eva Roučka, Vladimír Říha, Helena Samohelová, Eva Svobodová, Jaroslav Šafr, Lubomír Šilar, Jakub Tichý

Come with us to become children for a while.

We were greeted at the opening by Bigband – Bendík, composed of enthusiastic “young people”, pupils and students of the Music School of the Capital City of Prague. Their energy was amazing and contributed greatly to the relaxed atmosphere of our meeting.

However, nothing is lost, even if you could not come to our opening. As I have already written, the exhibition will last until October 28, 2018.

We look forward to you.

Publikováno: 13.06.2022